Sustainable Water Protection With Ultrasound

Offering renewed ultrasonic systems for biofilm elimination to protect water from growth of micro-organisms. Our devices enable organisations and individuals to sustainably utilize their transport and storage of water.

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We offer foundational hardware of tomorrow, delivered today!

Biofilms are microbiological layers in which  algae, bacteria, limescale, corrosion, and other pathogens can grow. They thrive on moist or wet surfaces, making them the perfect breeding ground for more bacteria and micro-organisms to develop. This leads to critical damages and creates an unhealthy environment for humans and animals.

Ultrasonic Group offers unique systems that combat biofilm in a chemical-free and non-toxic way, making it the most efficient, cost-saving and ecological way of protecting all water systems.


By eliminating biofilm with ultrasonic technology, the growth of algae, bacteria, and limescale is prevented. This creates a safer environment for the system and its users.


Our devices are non-toxic, chemical-free and require a low power supply. By using ultrasonic technology you reduce fuel emissions and carbon footprint, while sustaining a healthy environment for both humans and animals.


Not only does ultrasonic technology guarantee a longer lifespan of all systems, our products also reduce energy and maintenance costs and ensures a reduction in the use of chemicals.


One device can protect water over distances of up to 350 metres and can break down biofilm right down to the finest cracks and holes in a wall. 

I would recommend Ultrasonic Group to everyone with a sailboat. It saves me on yearly maintenance costs in a eco-friendly matter.
Chris V.
Fishing Pond
I had a lot of issues with thread algae in my pond but after one month with the system of Ultrasonic Group, I could easily scoop out the algae and could finally see the bottom. After 6 years, I never experienced any problems anymore.
Patrick D.
Swimming Pool
I had a slight bit of ‘green’ on some of the floor/walls of my pool. This now seems to have gone, forever.
Troy K.
With the devices of Ultrasonic Group, my antifouling has been there for 5 years straight, and the boat is still clean without being replaced or taken out of the water!
Francis C.
The device installs quick. Now I don't have to clean my jacuzzi every two months and can leave it as it is without adding any chemicals to it.
Léon D.
I had a fully personalised service for my swimming pond. A fantastic product with great results, and it doesn't harm my fish but actually creates a better environment for them!
Amber W.
Home Installation
Ultrasonic Group did a splendid job! The devices are well hidden away and are nicely sealed. Very easy and quick installation with a wonderful product.
Peter B
We Offer

Foundational Hardware of Tomorrow... Delivered Today.™

Ultrasonic Group offers

Industrial solutions

Covering a wide range of industries

We initiate increasing efficiency and bring sustainability to the core of everything that matters most to your business. Ultrasonic Group advices each client with the highest care and consults where ultrasonic can protect the installation from biofilm and its consequences.

Hotel, restaurants & bars

Water boilers
Water reservoirs

Cattle & Agriculture

Irrigation systems
Greenhouse plantations
Water supply pumps
Dairy reservoirs & pipelines


Emergency showers
Recuperation tank
Rainwater wells & filters


The hull
Pipe & plate coolers
Fuel & water tanks
Box coolers
Ultrasonic Group offers

Domestic solutions

Protecting the water equipment of every individual

Ultrasonic breaks down biofilm that attaches itself to the insides of pipes, boilers, swimming pools, hot tubs, yachts and fishponds. This results in many advantages: bacteria and toxin free water, longer-lasting applications, reduced costs and less fuel emissions.


Water tanks
Water boilers

Domestic Water Systems

Water tanks
Water boilers


Sail boats
Personal watercrafts
Sterndrive boats

Pools &

Swimming pools
Swim & fish ponds
Hybrid pools
Sustainable disruption

From Day One, the Ultrasonic Group enables your entire enterprise to protect expert-quality applications against cost-heavy perpetual problems— and without having to interfere any process or changing the circuit.


Technology is ever evolving, being up to date is a necessity.

The Fusarium Oxysporum fungus

In the horticultural sector, one often has to deal with certain fungi. one
common one is the Fusarium fungus, consisting of various soil fungi and
causes a lot of damage. You can recognize it by the yellowing and wilting of
the leaves.

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Bacterial corrosion or (MIC)

Microbial-induced corrosion, also called bacterial corrosion, is a common bacteria on steels. The name says it all; it is corrosion that is caused by the influence of certain bacteria or microorganisms. It is a phenomenon that mainly affects the shipping industry.

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Chlorine as a fun spoiler

Having a pool or a jacuzzi can be a lot of fun, but less fun is the chlorine that always needs to be added as maintenance. The thing is, chlorine can be very harmful to your eyes, lungs, hair, nails, and also your skin. Moreover, chlorine can range from irritating to very harmful to the skin depending on your age or existing skin condition.

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The Ultrasonic Group helps your equipment last longer while saving on maintenance, fuel and emissions. This proves that ultrasonic systems provides an excellent ROI, whilst also contributing to a cleaner planet with less chemicals.