Case study: Pipes & Tanks with Alguma

A case study of decreasing contamination in waterstorage tank and pipes with Alguma with ultrasonic transducers.


Summary analyses from assembly:

Contamination before treatment : 15 to 20 cfu coliforms/100ml

Assembly Sonic treatment

Citerne – no contamination (no germs, no pathogens)

No pathogens, still germs

Chlorination done in citerne to disinfect pipes

The chlorination will probably have left fragments of biofilm detached and washed along.

! All measurements were performed by an accredited lab LMI (industrial analysis lab) in Kortrijk.


No more sign of contamination was observed in the tank according to measurements by the water company. This also applies to the pipes, where no more contamination was observed according to measurements by Alguma.


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