From blue to green water

If you have a swimming pool or jacuzzi, then you will undoubtedly have already had to deal with green water. This green water indicates a lot of factors that lead to this annoying problem, but it’s algae that take the brunt of the blame. Not only does green water cause you to take a break from taking a swim, but it also requires a lot of maintenance to get the water clear again.

Green water = impure water Green water = impure water

When your water turns from blue to green, you can be sure that it has to do with the presence of algae. This water plant in itself does nothing bad to your water, but it can indicate the presence of bacteria. Also, the dead leaves that are on the surface of the water contribute to the discoloration of the pool. Once these algae are present in your water, it is quite a job to eliminate them.

Combat algae Combat algae

However, getting green water clean again is quite a job. For example, it is recommended that you first add a shock treatment to your water. However, this also means that a swim is not immediately allowed as the chlorine content in the water would be too high.

Moreover, this is still not enough. After that, it is necessary to brush down the walls of your pool, this is to prevent the growth of algae. When this is done, the next step is to use a manual vacuum cleaner to work more effectively. And get all the dirt out. The final step in the maintenance process is to keep filtering your water, and you will no doubt notice this in your energy bill.

Green water, safe to swim in? Green water, safe to swim in?

It is extremely important to keep your pool or jacuzzi clean. In case you don’t do this, you may suffer from skin rashes or eye infections. People often ask whether it would be safe to swim in that green water. The answer is no. Since algae are the main cause of water discoloration, this means it can make the water toxic and harmful. Moreover, bacteria can hide in these algae, which can lead to getting infections.




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