In the picture "Sustainability"

It is the mission of just about every company today, sustainability. With the acceleration of global warming, more and more companies are realizing how important it is to bet on ecological products and services. Every little bit helps to make the world a greener place. We at Ultrasonic Group are also aware of this and are ready to help you do your bit for the environment.

From a large ecological footprint to a small one From a large ecological footprint to a small one

How can Ultrasonic Group help you get started more ecologically? First of all, we can help you save on electricity. Because scale and corrosion(MIC) can form on the inside of pipes and water systems, they will function less well and require more power to operate. With the help of Sonic’s devices, we can break down the biofilm and thus solve the above problems, ensuring smooth water flow and therefore consuming less electricity.

Ultrasonic-in , Chemical-out Ultrasonic-in , Chemical-out

In addition, Sonic’s devices break down biofilm in an ecological way using ultrasonic sounds. This means that no chemicals are used. Also in this way you ensure a safer and cleaner environment for both you and your animals and plants.

Finally, the transducers themselves are very ecological. They have a consumption of only 12 Watts. Moreover, there is already the possibility of running transducers on solar panels. It doesn’t get any more ecological than that!

So, are you ready to make sustainability both your mission and your vision?

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