Liquids and their perpetual problems

Whether it is water, milk, diesel or alcohol, the same problems will always recur no matter what industry you are in. If you are using liquids, then biofilm is involved. It is this biofilm that is all too happy to play host to problems such as: corrosion( MIC), scale, bacterial accumulations, smallpox and shells.

Why do these problems keep coming back? Why do these problems keep coming back?

Why do the same problems keep recurring? The answer is plain and simple, the biofilm is not being broken down. No doubt you are going to start using chemical treatments to fight the above problems. Pastes, sprays, oils, etc. they all have 2 things in common. First of all they are bad for the environment, but in addition they are all temporary solutions.

To get rid of these problems anyway, it has probably already become a kind of habit to use chemical treatments. Time to break this habit and use a more sustainable and time-saving solution, namely our transducers from Ultrasonic Group.

The “collateral damage” The “collateral damage”

Moreover, it doesn’t stop with these problems, but there is also “collateral damage”. Thus, without you knowing it, you are paying a lot in unnecessary maintenance, production, fuel and energy costs. In addition, all those chemical applications are bad for the environment, and take up a lot of time. Chemical treatments also have a big impact in the industry. For example, production will have to be stopped anyway and you will lose valuable hours and profits.

Do you really want to put an end to all these problems? Then start at the beginning, the biofilm.

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