Make money with ultrasonic

No matter what industry you are in, the same costs will always recur, mostly being energy, maintenance, and production costs. You will probably think ‘Yes, that’s part of the game’, but what if we told you that there is another way. Ultrasonic Group can ensure that unnecessary costs are eliminated, resulting in savings of money and time.

Where do all these costs come from? Where do all these costs come from?

Have you ever thought about why your energy bill is so high every year and why you must keep paying for all those maintenance products? Well, it’s very simple, you don’t tackle the cause of these costs, you just shift the problem. Look at it as a vicious circle that cannot be broken as long as the cause is not addressed. Moreover, it goes beyond the “cost”, it is also about the time and energy you put into maintaining these installations.

Energy costs increase as scale forms on the inside of pipes or water heaters, this causes the passageway to become narrower and there is less room for water to flow smoothly. The smaller the passage, the more energy must be consumed. This is the same for a boat. The fouling of algae, pockmarks and shells will cause the boat to have more friction with the water and not be able to move forward as quickly, you guessed it this also results in high energy costs. Not to mention the cost you pay for chemical maintenance products; these are not even effective but only temporary and harmful to humans and the environment.

Time to invest in a product that really tackles the problem and relieves you of all those extra costs and efforts.

1 ultrasonic device = reducing multiple costs 1 ultrasonic device = reducing multiple costs

It only takes one ultrasonic device, so-called transducer, to get your costs down significantly. We will briefly explain how it works based on a water installation.

By placing a transducer at the beginning of this installation, the entire pipeline will be tackled until a float, or a filter takes place. This transducer breaks down biofilm so that: corrosion, limescale and bacterial colonization do not have a chance to nestle, thus guaranteeing a smooth water flow. This results in lower energy costs but also in a longer life of your installations. In addition, there is a substantial saving on the administration of chemicals since lime deposits and corrosion no longer occur.

So, what do you think?

Do you want to strive for a greener world without chemicals since it costs absolutely nothing but makes you money instead?

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