Swimming Pond at Art’N Pepper

A case study report of an ultrasonic installation in a swimming pond that eliminates the biofilm and algae.

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Cost & maintenance
Cost & maintenance

The biggest cost of controlling algae at Art’N Pepper was investing maintenance time. For example, it took as many as 4 days annually to get most of the algae out of the water by pumping water to an external basin.
In addition, manual monitoring of the pH values had to be done every time to know if the water quality was decreasing. It is of course essential that these values remain constant between 7.2 and 7.6 pH.

Finally, it was necessary to spend money every year on ecological detergents whose cost varied between €15 and €200.

The solution = Ultrasonic Group The solution = Ultrasonic Group

After all the hopeless attempts to get the pool algae-free, we finally succeeded with the help of a device from Ultrasonic Group.
A floating device was accurately placed in the corner of the pond so that it could spread its ultrasonic waves over the entire surface.

The device itself consumes only 6-12 watts and it is purely ecological. The transducer works on the basis of ultrasound and breaks down biofilm on a frequency basis. This can greatly reduce the application of chemicals.

A float transducer was placed in a corner at the surface of the pool. It is crucial that this angle is correct, otherwise, the frequencies do not collide correctly with the walls and biofilm cannot be broken down everywhere.

The unit must be connected to the mains 24/7. In addition, the unit itself contains no buttons to make it as user-friendly as possible.

Result Result

After a period of 10-15 days, the results were quickly visible. Not only did the algae come off by themselves, but removing them from the water was an easy job. Vigorous brushing to loosen the algae was no longer necessary as they came off by themselves. In addition, the water became clear again and the walls remained clean.

Feedback by Art'N Pepper & Global Consult
Feedback by Art'N Pepper & Global Consult

The manager of Art’N Pepper, Johannes Thonnes, says: “When I see the results after two weeks, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. Not only is the water clear and free of algae again, it is also done in a purely ecological way without changing anything in the biotope.”

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