Ultra - what?

Ultrasonic waves – also known as ultrasound – are inaudible to humans because the frequencies are too high to be perceived by the human ear. At Ultrasonic Group, we love these sound waves and have incorporated them into Sonic’s devices because they have some amazing benefits!

Ultrasonics, aka Ultrasounds Ultrasonics, aka Ultrasounds

You may or may not know it, but no doubt you have been in contact with ultrasonic vibrations before. Ever seen a bat fly by on a warm summer evening? Bats also use ultrasonic vibrations: they search for their prey and orient themselves using echolocation.

Also, think about remote controls that used to work with ultrasonic waves, having your teeth cleaned at the dentist with sound waves, or having an ultrasound scan! Maybe you like expensive watches and jewelry? Then you might be interested to know that these are often cleaned with ultrasound, because the vibrations in the water loosen all the dirt without causing any damage. Industrial parts with corrosion are placed in an ultrasonic bath.!

Cleaning! Why ultrasonics and not something else? Cleaning! Why ultrasonics and not something else?

First, ultrasonic is much more effective than any other cleaning technique: it is always thorough and accurate. Second, it is always safe. Equipment and materials will never be damaged because no (heavily) textured materials, which could scratch, are used. Finally, the speed of ultrasonic cleaning must be taken into account. Since the shape of the product does not affect the duration of the cleaning, it proves to be a significant time saver in many cases.

Why do we work with ultrasonics? Why do we work with ultrasonics?

Very easy. We like to see our future as green and clean. We can only achieve that if we greatly reduce the use of chemicals, extend the life of equipment and reduce our carbon footprint. Ultrasonic technology does all of that. Frankly, we can honestly say it’s a win-win situation for everyone. You save time and costs, while also doing your part for nature. But there are other reasons why we love ultrasonic technology: there are no limits to its use! Far from being limited to one market, on the contrary, every market that deals with ‘liquids’ can make use of them. From kitchens, kettles and swimming pools to ships, pipelines and reservoirs: it’s all possible.

Finally, there is no risk involved. This technology always works. For any industry or any home application, we offer solutions that benefit everyone in the long run.

We take care of the future. Sonic’s transducers get the job done!

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