Ultrasonic technology breaks down biofilm that attaches itself to the insides of pipes, boilers, swimming pools, hot tubs, yachts and fishponds.

This results in many advantages: bacteria and toxin free water, longer-lasting applications, reduced costs and less fuel emissions.

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Our home use solutions cover a wide range of applications

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By eliminating biofilm with ultrasonic technology, the growth of algae, bacteria, and limescale is prevented. This creates a safer environment for the system and its users.


Our devices are non-toxic, chemical-free and require a low power supply. By using ultrasonic technology you reduce fuel emissions and carbon footprint, while sustaining a healthy environment for both humans and animals.


Not only does ultrasonic technology guarantee a longer lifespan of all systems, our products also reduce energy and maintenance costs and ensures a reduction in the use of chemicals.


One device can protect water over distances of up to 350 metres and can break down biofilm right down to the finest cracks and holes in a wall.