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Protect your water or cooling systems from becoming clogged with algae, bacteria, mould and limescale with Sonic.

Perpetual issues, we’ve got the solution

For more than a decade we’ve embedded research to understand the reactions and use of liquids, starting from the root cause of our problems. This root cause is the biofilm. We have unravelled this micro-organism and incorporated the findings into our product as a craft. The most averting problems are listed here.

Clogged pipelines/mixers/coolers/heaters

The pipes, mixers or plate coolers in a factory can become clogged with biofilm, bacteria, or lime scale. This clogging can cause an increase in energy consumption, but moreover a loss of time. It will reduce the lifespan and quality of these systems. To get these systems free of scale, chemical or heated flushing is used. This is not only bad for the environment, but also needs to be done on a regular basis. In many cases an external company is hired for this. To do maintenance, production will have to be shut down. As a result, valuable time and profits are lost.

Bacteria accumulations in water systems

In the pipes or other water systems within a plant, bacterial buildup can occur. These bacteria attach themselves to the slime layer inside the pipe, called the biofilm. The most common bacteria is the legionella bacteria. It is commonly found in heated pipes, cooling towers and other water systems. Not only can these kind of bacteria cause illness to personnel, but it’s also quite a chore to report this problem to the authorities. 

Raising germ count

In the water or other liquids present in a plant, there may be an unbalanced germ count coming from bacterial colonisations in biofilm. Nowadays with new and more strict regulations on germ counts, many facilities encounter issues with controlling the germ counts. As a result, a facility can be fined and obligated to shut down the production line. 

We are ready to advise you

Sonic helps to stabilise germ numbers and prevent algae-, scale- and bacteria-growth in any liquid, both above and below ground, by breaking down biofilm in cooling systems or pipes.

Quality is of paramount importance to us. Therefore, we advise each customer for the most optimal arrangement and composition of ultrasonic devices to achieve the best results.

Our solution is the most effective way to protect all water related systems.

We are ready to advise you | Creating Safety
Creating Safety

No biofilm, bacteria, limescale and algae in spraying installations, pipelines, water basins, coolers, and fuel tanks without clogged filters.

We are ready to advise you | Extra Protection
Extra Protection

Reduce the use of antibiotics by 90% and stop chemical flushing.

We are ready to advise you | Save Costs
Save Costs

Decrease in maintenance, production and energy costs; less risk of leaks in pipes and less (waste) water spillage. Become more efficient and prevent system failures.

We are ready to advise you | Extend Lifespan
Extend Lifespan

Extend the lifespan of all filters and pump systems by 80%.

We are ready to advise you | Clean Environment
Clean Environment

Creating a safer and eco-friendly environment.

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Plug & Play

Installing Sonic

Sonic offers a complete plug & play system. Three options of installation procedures are available.

  • Y-form/T-form pipeline add-on
  • Floater system
  • Built-in module (tailormade)

You can easily install the device yourself and afterwards we can check and approve the installation.