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Keep your pipelines free of bacteria and biofilm build-up with our sustainable Sonic devices.

Perpetual issues, we’ve got the solution

For more than a decade, we have dedicated ourselves to understanding the reactions and uses of liquids at the root cause of our problems: the insidious biofilm. Our research has revealed the inner workings of this microorganism, and we have incorporated these findings into our product with the care and precision of a craftsman. But make no mistake, the problems we face are grave and pressing.


The pipes in a factory can become clogged with biofilm, bacteria, or lime scale, leading to increased energy consumption, reduced quality and lifespan of these systems, and costly shutdowns for maintenance. Chemical or heated flushing is often used to clear these blockages, but these methods are harmful to the environment and must be repeated on a regular basis.

Bacterial accumulations

The inner-surfaces of pipes are a breeding ground for bacteria, which colonize and thrive thanks to the insidious biofilm. This slime layer protects them, allowing them to multiply and spread, leading to nightmare scenarios such as legionella outbreaks and salmonella infections. Facilities are forced to shut down, causing not only financial damage but also irreparable harm to the brand. The consequences are dire and far-reaching.

Unbalanced germ counts

Biofilm bacterial colonizations can lead to unbalanced germ counts in the water or other liquids present in a facility. With stricter regulations on germ counts, many facilities struggle to maintain control and can face fines or production shutdowns as a result.

Sick cattle

Bacteria in the drinking water of cattle can lead to illness and even mortality. Farmers are often forced to rely on costly antibiotics to keep their herds healthy, but these drugs can also impact the appetite and well-being of the animals. of speed 


If you’re tired of dealing with the constant costs, time, and hassle of maintaining your pipes, it’s time to consider the benefits of using our Sonic devices. By emitting high-frequency sound waves, these devices break down and prevent the formation of biofilm and bacteria build-up in your pipelines, leading to a number of key advantages:

Benefits | Cost savings
Cost savings

By preventing bacterial build-up, you can greatly reduce your maintenance costs and lower your cleaning protocols by up to 70%.

Benefits | Time savings
Time savings

With fewer maintenance needs, you can save time and focus on more important tasks.

Benefits | Reduced risk of leaks
Reduced risk of leaks

Clean pipes are less likely to leak, and our Sonic devices help keep them that way.

Benefits | Increased lifespan
Increased lifespan

By extending the life of your filters and pump systems by up to 80%, you can save even more on replacement costs.

Benefits | Eco-friendly protection
Eco-friendly protection

Our devices have low power consumption and help reduce the use of chemicals, making them a responsible choice for the environment.

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UHT Sterilizer
After installation, our UHT Sterilizer saved 60 minutes of production time per day and improved efficiency by 20%.
Junlebao Group
After 5 months, our new pipe was still completely scale-free, whereas before it was always immediately dirty.
Food-processing facility
Choose ultrasound and experience the benefits of clean and efficient watercircuits.

Don't let bacterial build-up and biofilm be a drain on your resources.

Plug & play

Install Sonic

Our Harsonic devices are plug-and-play. They can be easily attached to a pipe or with a Y-shaped pipe or a tapping saddle.

Proven to be effective

Read about the success stories we have created at our clients.

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