Eliminating Biofilm Without Chemicals

Ultrasonic Group offers renewed ultrasonic devices of Harsonic that efficiently eliminate biofilm on wet surfaces. All our devices are handmade in Belgium and are intensively tested for at least 48 hours before they leave the factory.

Unique composition

Developped with temperature- and water-resistant components

Our devices work with a unique format of intelligent operating systems that control each device with specific frequencies to remove the biofilm at all times. These frequencies are completely harmless to humans and animals.


Custom-made products that combat biofilm

All of our devices are hand-made and tailored to the requirements of our client. Offering the highest quality of ultrasonic transducers with explosive-free and military-graded components.

The devices are formatted for 60 watts but consume only 35 watts per transducer, ensuring a longer lifespan of the equipment.  This enables to use power sources such as batteries or solar panels. 


Preventing your water installations from corrosion, bacteria, algae and other threats with our chemical-free, non-toxic solution based on high frequency ultrasound. Our transducers get the job done.

Plug & Play

Installing a Harsonic device

There are various possibilities for installing a Sonic device. Depending on the purpose and application, the most optimal installation will be offered.

Harsonic is a plug & play system that you can easily install yourself. If requested, we can check and approve the installation afterwards.



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We offer solutions for

A Range of Applications

Covering a wide range of industries

We initiate increasing efficiency and bring sustainability to the core of everything that matters most to your business. Ultrasonic Group advices each client with the highest care and consults where ultrasonic can protect the installation from biofilm and its consequences.

Cooling and
heating systems

Cooling water treatment
Steam exchanger
Open Cooling
Proces water


Drinkwater lines
Washing lines
Sprinkler systems
Irrigation lines
Process lines


Hybrid Pools
Jacuzzi & Hot Tubs
Swim & Fish Ponds
Water Bassins


Industrial boreholes
Deep boreholes
Shallow boreholes