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We offer patented protection devices for boreholes. Our devices use ultrasonic technology to prevent bacterial and biofilm growth inside boreholes, extending the lifetime of your system. 

Perpetual issues, we’ve got the solution

For over a decade, we have conducted extensive research to understand the impacts and behaviors of liquids, with a focus on the root cause of many of our problems: biofilm. By delving into the mysteries of this microorganism, we have been able to craft a product that addresses some of the most pressing issues caused by biofilm.

Some of the most concerning problems that we have addressed include:

Iron and manganese deposits

Groundwater is often contaminated with iron bacteria, iron oxide, manganese oxide and calcium carbonate deposits. These deposits build up and cause blockages in wells, pipes, pumps, and any other water related equipment.

Bacterial accumulation

A problem that frequently results from iron or manganese in water is iron or manganese bacteria. The bacteria attach themselves to the slime layer on the walls of your borehole, called the biofilm, and further propagate there. These non-pathogenic bacteria feed on iron and manganese in water, forming red/brown (iron) or black/brown (manganese) slime. This can cause clogging of water systems and a foul odour.

High maintenance

Because of bacterial build-up, water systems and other equipment often get clogged. The maintenance of these systems or their replacement cost the business a lot of time and money.


Our ultrasonic solution effectively combats biofilm in water reservoirs of all sizes, optimizing the flow rate to stabilize germ count and prevent algae, scale, and bacteria growth in any liquid, both above and below ground. By breaking down biofilm in boreholes and other water supply systems, we help our customers achieve better water quality and a lower risk of iron bacterial contamination.

Quality is a top priority for us, which is why we work closely with each customer to determine the optimal arrangement and composition of our ultrasonic devices to achieve the best results.

Benefits | Better water quality
Better water quality

Our solution will drastically improve the quality of your water, with the removal of biofilm leading to a lower risk of iron bacterial contamination.

Benefits | Save costs
Save costs

With a decrease in chemical use of up to 70%, you can enjoy tremendous savings on equipment and maintenance costs.

Benefits | Save time
Save time

Our solution prevents and destroys bacterial deposits, saving you time and money on maintenance and chemical flushing.

Benefits | Extended lifespan
Extended lifespan

Bacterial deposits can lead to wear and tear on your equipment, but our solution can help extend the lifespan of your filters, pipes, and pumps by up to 80%.

Benefits | Eco-friendly protection
Eco-friendly protection

Not only will our solution protect your boreholes, but it also has a low power consumption and reduces chemical use, making it eco-friendly.

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Installing a Harsonic device

Don’t let the installation process stop you from experiencing the benefits of a Harsonic device. Various installation options are available and we will work with you to determine the most optimal set-up for your specific purpose and application.

But don’t worry – whatever installation method you choose, Sonic is a simple plug-and-play system that you can easily install yourself. And if you want an extra guarantee, our team will be happy to review and approve your installation. Trust us to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.