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Case study: Tank at Agnico Eagle

A study of ultrasonic protection inside 6 C.I.L tanks which were clogged with biofilm and micro-organic adhesions.

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Case study: Pipes & Tanks with Alguma

A case study of decreasing contamination in waterstorage tank and pipes with Alguma with ultrasonic transducers.

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Case study: Plate heat exchanger at Junlebao Group

At Junglebao Group’s dairy plant in China, Sonic helped with descaling and protecting the heat exchanger from costly maintenance protocols.

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Case Study: industrial sugar mixer at Citrique

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Case Study: Sailboat protected against biofouling

Chris Valkiers, owner of a sailing boat (Trintella 42) located at RYCB (Royal Yacht Club Belgium) in Antwerp, experienced a lot of problems with his boat. Every year Chris had a series of problems on the underwater part of the boat, mainly biofouling.

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Swimming Pond at Art’N Pepper

A case study report of an ultrasonic installation in a swimming pond that eliminates the biofilm and algae.

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