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Keep your boat or yacht free of mussels, shells, algae and smallpox with one of our transducers.

Perpetual issues, we’ve got the solution

For more than a decade we’ve embedded research to understand the reactions and use of liquids, starting from the root cause of our problems. This root cause is the biofilm. We have unravelled this micro-organism and incorporated the findings into our product as a craft. The most averting problems are listed here.


Algae growth on hull

The growth of algae on the underwater ship creates friction that slows down a ship. They start small but can quickly become a plague. Algae commence from forming its roots in the biofilm. It uses the biofilm as its food source to start growing. Without it, it will never be present as usual on the hull.

Mussels & pox on hull

Barnacles attach to the hull due to the presence of biofilm which is the food source of these harmful organisms. They can create holes in the hull of a ship and make costly damages which in turn requires “quality-time” to clean and maintain.

Reapplying Antifouling

After each season, a boat must come out of the water to clean from algae, barnacles, and mussels. Usually, they use hydrochloric acid and sanding machines that destroys the antifouling and primer. Therefore, a new primer and antifouling needs to be reapplied every year.

Damaged Propellors

The ship’s propellers may be affected by fouling from algae, mussels and smallpox. This causes a loss of speed 

Clogged Fuel filters and tank

The filters and tanks can become clogged with limescale or corrosion. This results in higher energy use and a reduction in a system’s durability.

Contaminated water pipes and tank

The drinkwatertanks and -pipelines onboard face bacterial colonisation and contamination from the first minute the water enters the circuit. Various water pipes and water tanks contaminate by all kinds of bacterial accumulations. Legionella is a common problem which can cause illnesses of the attendees.


We offert custom-made, high frequency, ultrasonic transducers for boats. They are glued to the inside of the hull below the waterline. If necessary, propellers can also be equipped with a specific device to keep them clean.

The transducer only consumes 6 Watt, but in case there is no network power available in the boat, harbor or quay, we provide a distributor that switches between 12V-24V and 230V. In addition to using network current, the device is also equipped with a battery in case there is no power input.

Benefits | Clean Hull
Clean Hull

No algae, shells, mussels or smallpox growth on your ship; with less bacteria, limescale and algae in coolers, filters or on the hull.

Benefits | Extend Lifespan
Extend Lifespan

Keep your antifouling for up to 5 years; and extend the lifespan of all filters and pump systems by 80%.

Benefits | Preventing Costs
Preventing Costs

Smoother hull, thus less fuel consumption; and no loss of speed throughout the season. Easier to clean for winter storage and no more annual hull maintenance on primer and antifouling.

Benefits | Safe Environment
Safe Environment

No bacteria in fuel and water tanks; creating safety for the crew and the ship.

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Installing our devices

Ultrasonic devices require a specific glue that is included in every order. This glue allows the vibrations to pass through. You can easily install the device yourself. If you choose to do so, we will check and approve the installation.

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