Where is Ultrasonic Group applicable?

When introducing Ultrasonic Group, we regularly get asked “what is Ultrasonic Group applicable to anywhere?” The answer is very clear, anywhere there is a liquid. So a better question would actually be “What is Ultrasonic Group not applicable to?”

Where there is liquid, there is biofilm Where there is liquid, there is biofilm

The thing is, in any type of liquid there is biofilm anyway, and wherever biofilm is present, we come to the rescue!

Our applications go beyond swimming pools and water boilers/pipes. Sonic’s transducers offer help in the industry as well. Think of clogged irrigation systems caused by lime scale or caking of milk in dairy farms.

Sonic’s devices are applicable to all types of liquids, from water to milk and even diesel.

Anyone can become a potential customer of ours. Farmers, livestock owners, boat owners, hospitality operators and factories. Each of you will undoubtedly have to deal with biofilm, but you probably do not yet realize the impact that eliminating biofilm can have and the benefits that come with it.

So where does Ultrasonic Group help stop? So where does Ultrasonic Group help stop?

Where can we offer no help then? Very simple, anything that dries up will be stopped. This could be pipes, machines,… Sonic devices always need liquid in order to conduct, once this liquid is gone this is no longer possible. Compare it to a windmill that needs wind to develop energy. The same goes for liquids and ultrasonics.

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