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Case Study: industrial sugar mixer at Citrique

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Protecting the drinking water circuit in livestock farms with Sonic

Pigs and chickens are often fed through water, which reaches the animals through special drinking pipes. A common problem with these drinking pipes is the presence of a biofilm, which causes many bacteria to develop and enter the drinking water circuit. This often causes the animals to get sick and require antibiotics. As you can read in our blog on the flip side of antibiotics, this is not healthy for both animals and humans. 

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The Fusarium Oxysporum fungus

In the horticultural sector, one often has to deal with certain fungi. one
common one is the Fusarium fungus, consisting of various soil fungi and
causes a lot of damage. You can recognize it by the yellowing and wilting of
the leaves.

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Bacterial corrosion or (MIC)

Microbial-induced corrosion, also called bacterial corrosion, is a common bacteria on steels. The name says it all; it is corrosion that is caused by the influence of certain bacteria or microorganisms. It is a phenomenon that mainly affects the shipping industry.

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Chlorine as a fun spoiler

Having a pool or a jacuzzi can be a lot of fun, but less fun is the chlorine that always needs to be added as maintenance. The thing is, chlorine can be very harmful to your eyes, lungs, hair, nails, and also your skin. Moreover, chlorine can range from irritating to very harmful to the skin depending on your age or existing skin condition.

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The flip side of antibiotics

In the Agro sector, farmers often have to deal with cattle that get sick from all kinds of diseases. They contract these diseases through contaminated drinking water, resulting in the farmer having to administer a lot of antibiotics to save livestock. However, what does all this antibiotics mean for the livestock and humans?

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