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Excessive Root Growth.

In the cucumber, tomato, and eggplant sectors, the phenomenon of “Crazy Roots” is frequently observed. This bacterium remains undetected until the crops are harvested and its characteristic is the excessive growth of roots. Much to the annoyance of farmers as this bacterium can cause a lot of problems.

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From blue to green water

If you have a swimming pool or jacuzzi, then you will undoubtedly have already had to deal with green water. This green water indicates a lot of factors that lead to this annoying problem, but it’s algae that take the brunt of the blame. Not only does green water cause you to take a break from taking a swim, but it also requires a lot of maintenance to get the water clear again.

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Flushing, the tradition of coming home

When you own a vacation home, there is 1 particular tradition that keeps repeating itself. Flushing faucets and showers upon arrival to your property. Since the water in the pipes has been standing still for a long time, there is a chance of Legionella. For this reason, one should always run all the faucets and showers so that this bacterium is “flushed out”. However, is this method as effective as people think?

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An accident is easily caused

In a swimming pool, pond and jacuzzi there is often the problem of slippery floors and walls. Not only does this slipperiness spoil your swimming pleasure, but it is also dangerous to slip.

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The cliché of sick cattle

What are the implications of sick cattle for the farmer? This is a question that is asked all too often since it has an impact on many factors in agriculture. Animal disease not only affects milk production but also has economic consequences for the farmer. 

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Are chemicals that important?

It is almost impossible to imagine life without chemicals. A lot of people use chemicals or detergents to do maintenance and to get rid of problems like limescale and bacteria. However, one must sometimes ask oneself whether these chemicals are really important and what impact they have on people and the environment.

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